Mapping AI and Data Ethics

These pages describe the JUST AI Network's attempts at mapping the field of AI and data ethics. It may be considered a living document in two ways. On the one hand, we will keep adding materials, images and links to this page until the JUST AI Project's conclusion. On the other hand, we invite others to use our data and tools to interrogate, question and remake our methods and results to produce other representations, questions and perspectives.

Our visualisations, data and resources will be released here.

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JUST AI : Alison Powell, Louise Hickman, Imre Bard. Funded and supported by AHRC and the Ada Lovelace Institute.


With gratitude to our many fellow travellers on these paths: Jenny Brennan, Paula Crutchlow, Crystal Lee, Paulina Garcia Corral, Teresa Dillon, Gina Neff, Octavia Reeve, Sarah Chander, Yasmine Boudiaf, Irene Fubara-Manel, Squirrel Nation (Erinma Ochu and Caroline Ward), Imogen Fairbairn,